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Posada reflects on animal shelter’s Feral/Community Cat Program success

The Elizabethton/Carter County Animal Shelter has spayed/neutered 132 cats with their Feral/Community Cat Program so far.
The program was announced back in August, and allows people to bring feral or community cats to the shelter to be transported to the ASPCA in Asheville where they will be spayed or neutered, ear tipped (to identify if a cat has been spayed or neutered), and receive a rabies vaccine at absolutely no charge.
Shannon Posada, director of the shelter, considers the program to be a success.
“It’s been excellent,” she said. “We have had a great community response, and we hope to see less kittens in the next kitten season.”
Posada noted that there are certain areas in Elizabethton with feral cat populations, she believes they will make a difference in.
Posada said she is very thankful for the community’s support.
“The support from the community, people getting up and trapping these cats and bringing them to the shelter by 6:30 a.m. on Thursday morning (this is the day to bring animals) and then picking them up Friday… it has been tremendous,” she said.
Posada said she is equally thankful to the ASPCA of Asheville for the program and hopes it will continue.
“We will continue as long as the ASPCA continues and the community still supports the program and as long as there is still a need in our community,” she said.
As previously reported, the two types of cats this program caters toward are feral and community. Feral cats are considered wild and untamable; therefore it is asked they be brought in live traps. Community cats are what would be considered possibly abandoned and are tame.
In addition to the success of the Feral/Community Cat Program, the shelter will be having holiday specials in the near future.
Due to COVID-19 visits are by appointment only, this also includes intakes as well. Posada explained that this is to keep everyone at the shelter, visitors and staff alike, safe at this time, to keep the shelter open and running for these animals. Social distancing and cleaning practices also remain in place.
The shelter remains active on Facebook as well.
For additional information regarding the program, or to inquire about bringing home a new furry friend, contact the shelter at 423-547-6359 or contact them on their Facebook page.