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Meet your candidates for Municipal Judge… Five questions with Jason Holly

On Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020, Elizabethton citizens will be making a selection for the Elizabethton Municipal Judge that Teresa Murray-Smith is currently sitting on the bench for the unexpired term of TJ Little.

The winner of Tuesday’s election between Murray-Smith and Jason Holly will be the Elizabethton Municipal Judge for a four-year term.

Both candidates were asked the same five questions. Here are the responses from those questions by Jason Holly who was appointed interim judge by the Elizabethton City Council before Smith won the August primary.

Why are you running for the Municipal Judge of Elizabethton?

I am running because it has always been something I have wanted to do. I have always had a lot of respect for judges that I have been in front of during my practice like Judge T.J. Little, Judge Bowers, Judge Rice, and Judge Street to name a few.

I am running for my family, not only being able to support them financially, but to show my kids that they can accomplish their goals. I also want them to have respect for their officers and the court system.

What does being the Municipal Judge mean to you?

It means that I have an opportunity to serve my city that I love.

Why do you feel that you are qualified for the position?

First, I was appointed to the position by the City Council when the Honorable T.J. Little passed away.

During my time on the bench, I tried to be fair, but firm taking into consideration all the facts in each case. Second, I believe that my experience as a mediator served me well while on the bench.

My goal was always to apply the law with respect and dignity. I wanted people to leave the court knowing they had a fair day in court and that they were treated fairly.

Third, I have been in municipal court on several occasions representing clients.

What should be the expectations of those who enter the Municipal courtroom from the judge?

When you deal with the court as a defendant, city attorney, clerk, city employee or officer, you should expect to be treated fairly and with respect.

The bench is no place for personal involvement.

As a judge, your duty is to apply the law as it is written to the particular facts of each case. Again, I always wanted people to leave the court knowing they were able to present their case and that I listened to them in making my decision.

What message would you like to share with the voters who will be going to the polls?
I wanted people to look at who has been a significant part of this community and understands this city the best.

My life is here and I am raising my kids here. I have one at ETSU and two at Elizabethton.

I have devoted my professional, judicial, church, and personal life to our city from coaching sports to being a deacon, to representing clients, to being the Voice of Cyclones.

I love my hometown and I am their only hometown judge.