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At-home newborn shots lead to KM Photography

Setting up photoshoots for her son led to a profession for one local photographer.
Kimberly Morris, the owner of KM Photography, grew up in Cumberland Gap, Tennessee but moved to Elizabethton when she met her husband in 2002. Several years later she picked up photography to capture moments of her newborn son.
“When my little boy was born in 2008 I started staging these elaborate little photoshoots with him,” she explained. “I would put him in cute little outfits and use things around the house as props.
“Looking back now those photos are just terrible but it started me on the path to where I am today.”
Morris has now been a professional photographer for 10 years.
“It really is the best job in the world,” she said. “It’s a running joke with my friends and family that once I take your photo we end up being good friends.”
Morris said her favorite photos to take involve the sunset.
“The tones are warm and glowy with beautiful golden light,” she explained.
Morris went on to share her favorite part about her job.
“I love helping people memorialize their special moments,” she said. “It’s a big responsibility to get it right and make sure when they see your photos years down the road it will bring them right back to that memory.”
Prior to her photography career path, Morris actually went to school for music and as a child always dreamed of being a professional singer. Now, however, she says she can’t imagine doing anything else.
In addition to her role as a photographer, she gives herself four titles.
“I’m a mom, a wife, a video game enthusiast, and a makeup hoarder,” she said.
For aspiring photographers, she has some advice.
“Do not compare yourself. It will steal every bit of joy out of the work we do,” she said.
Today, Morris’s Facebook page displaying her work has over 900, nearing one thousand, “likes,” or followers and counting. Morris also has glowing reviews on the page as well.
For more information on KM Photography, you can go to the business’s Facebook page, call 423-213-7126 or email Kimberlyamorris21@gmail.com.