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Hampton’s newest alumni react to graduation: Part one

Like a movie, the big screen graduations taking place at the Stateline Drive-In are subject to interpretation from the newest alumni.
Hampton’s graduating class of 2020 walked across the stage Thursday night. Now, students like Myra Fisher, Andrew Smith and Hunter Scott are ready to share their takes on the unique ceremony.
Fisher said the graduation was nostalgic.
“Graduation was very nostalgic,” she said. “I felt every emotion you could possibly imagine but in the very best way. I was surprised I enjoyed it as much as I did. It was very relaxed but overall I’m just glad I got to see the people I love one last time.”
Fisher said she was happy she was able to have loved ones attend, but noted she was sad that her grandparents couldn’t be there.
When she reflected on her senior year, she described it as perfect despite the pandemic.
“My senior year despite the coronavirus was absolutely perfect,” she beamed. “I wouldn’t have traded it for the world. And the Hampton Bulldogs are State champs until proven otherwise.”
Fisher said her favorite memory from high school was making the cheer team. She plans to attend Northeast State Community College, and work towards becoming a teacher.
Like Fisher, Smith said he enjoyed graduation, all things considered.
“I felt that graduation went about as well as it could, all things considered,” he said. “It was definitely a bit unusual, but I wouldn’t say it was bad at all. I enjoyed the graduation ceremony this year. My favorite part was probably being able to give the class president speech, and having even people who weren’t in attendance be able to watch.”
Smith said he was able to have his main family members there, and reflects on his senior year as positive despite COVID. His favorite high school memory was being able to play the first game at Scotty Bunton Field under the lights.
He will be attending the University of Tennessee in the fall to study Journalism and Electronic Media. He said he wants to go into sports journalism after getting his degree.
Unlike Fisher and Smith, Scott has a bit of a different feeling to things.
Scott said enjoyed the graduation, but also said he felt fear.
“I felt a sense of sensation wash over me that I was done with one part of my life, but scared of what’s to come,” he said. “I have this dark twisty hallway I now have to navigate on my own which honestly scares me. But I’m ready to take each step with confidence and determination to find where I wanna go.”
While he felt fearful of the future, Scott said his favorite part of the ceremony was graduating with his two best friends, Landen and Weston Street. He also said that while his grandparents could not make it —they live in Florida —they watched it over Facebook.
In reflection of his senior year, he said he loved it.
“ I loved my senior year. I’ve spent it with teachers and friends I’ve loved the most,” he said. “Even though the coronavirus hit I still wouldn’t change it. It was an amazing year and everyone did their best!”
Scott credited his friend Landen in getting him involved with baseball, which he said was his favorite memory from high school.
Now that school has ended, he said he has been accepted into the Navy as a medic. He plans on making it a career and becoming a doctor/surgeon. He wants to be a cardiac or nervous system surgeon.
As the credits role on this chapter of their lives, congratulations to Hampton’s newest alumni!