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Democrat leaders betray their party

To the Editor:

Many people who identify with the Democrat Party of today do so in many cases because they come from a family that has always voted Democrat. The same thing is also true of many who vote Republican. Many who are Democrats still associate themselves with the likes of President Harry Truman and President John F. Kennedy and still hang onto the politics of those days. However, if they compare the Democratic platforms of those days with the platforms of today, they will be shocked. There are little similarities today. I would say that Truman and Kennedy would be shocked at the difference and would not support the new platforms. At one time both parties supported the basic founding principles of this nation and the associated freedoms. No matter which party you voted for you felt assured that the basic trends would continue. You felt secure regards of which party was in control. There was not a bitter divide and both parties worked together for the benefit of the country and the public. Basic Christian principles prevailed. There were no widely different agendas and no expressions of hostility and/or outright hatred. What has happened?
The basic foundational principle of the two parties began to diverge in the late ‘60s and the ‘70s. It perhaps had its infancy in the term of President Lyndon B. Johnson. But some fundamental sociality changes began in the mid ‘60s. That was the year the baby boomers entered college. Although some changes had already begun on the west coast. There was a lot of unrest even though the nation was basically in a good economic condition. Some philosophies were again coming to the forefront that had been rearing their heads before WW II; i.e., in the 1920s and before. The younger people became anti-establishment but for what reason? They had been influenced by some philosophies that had been born in Europe before WW II. They gravitated toward these thought patterns as did the teachers in the educational system especially at the college level. There were demonstrations, riots, set ins, Woodstock, etc. Numerous agendas were developed and exploited. If you carefully look at all the changes that have occurred from the mid ‘60s to now and compare then to the agenda of the communist party stated back in the early ‘50s and late ‘40s you will shockingly find good agreement. (See 1958 book “The Naked Communist” by W. Cleon Skousen.) It is scary. It has been slowing achieved by the means of a socialistic agenda which continuously advocates “social justice.” Social justice cannot be achieved because it means different things to different people. But “social justice” was one of the key terms used by Stalin and Lenin in establishing communist Russia.
But what about the Democratic Party? The items listed above had been brewing and finally charged to the forefront at the Democratic Party Convention for Hubert Humphrey in 1968 in Chicago. Hubert Humphrey was a good person whose politics were of the JFK and Truman mold. But the liberal establishment made its play to greatly influence or take over the Democratic Party. The likes of elites like George Soros, David Rockefeller (Council on Foreign Relations), Bill Gates; etc., and many others backed such reforms behind the scenes. They managed to take control of most of the media — newspapers, TV newscasts, Hollywood, etc. These people (elites) selected who was to run for president as a Democrat then used indoctrination, psychological manipulation and fraud to have the public vote for them in both the primary and national elections. These same people developed various agendas that they convinced the party members to support. Of course many agendas were hidden until their constituents were in power. As the years went by persons from large firms such as Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft and others have joined with this liberal agenda. During these years the people who controlled the Democratic Party have used various methods to convince the Party members to remain true. Soros for instance had invested millions at various universities to develop methods to psychologically influence people’s attitudes to agree with selected agendas. It is essentially a subtle form of brain washing. These agendas include abortion, redefining marriage, re-interpretation of the U.S. Constitution, legislation from the bench, sexual identity, separation of Church and State and the list go on. They also cast American history in a negative light to the younger generations to sway their feelings; i.e., develop anti-American feelings. The sad part of all of this is that many within the Democratic Party have not and do not recognize what has happened. They do not realize that the Democratic leadership of today has BETRAYED them and their ideals. To be an intelligent voter you must read the platforms of both parties using your moral and ethical grid or your Biblical (Christian) grid to make a decision relative to voting. That will determine if you still believe in the original founding principles of this nation or not. It will likewise determine the type nation your children and grandchildren will inherit. It is important to realize that any political party can be taken over by poor leadership (go bad) in the future so beware and keep your guard up and don’t let any party lead you astray. In some cases a new party may need to be formed.

J. Ronald Winter